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Easily create high quality PDFs and printed materials from your digital content..

tohoop combines the functions of an established editorial system directly with your WebCMS.

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– What does tohoop mean?

“Tohoop” in local German means “together”.
Because we bring together digital and print.


Seamlessly connect your WebCMS to an established publishing workflow for your print publications

Would you also like to use your high-quality online content via Adobe InDesign for print publications such as magazines, information brochures or sales materials? Are there any bulky copy and paste workflows currently used? Do you need to manually reformat online content after the move to Print and maintain changes to the text in the other system? Are formatting lost again in the context of correction workflows and need to be recreated? Is the administration and planning of your publications confusing and requires a lot of manual effort? With tohoop you have the chance to free your production process from these cumbersome and time-consuming work steps and thus give your employees more time for the essential tasks.

tohoop connects your WebCMS comfortably with an InDesign-based publishing workflow, which includes many functions from the Content-X editorial system , which is used by a large number of publishers worldwide for the creation of magazines, daily newspapers and weekly papers.

Your advantages:

  • Uncomplicated exchange and updating of content between online and print incl. A presentation of the placed content directly in WebCMS.
  • Intelligent adoption of formatting.
  • Planning and managing all types of publications –  from small flyers to large magazines in an intuitive web interface.
  • Central management of all production documents – also ideal for working together.
  • Use of sample documents or publications for an efficient layout of recurring elements.

Currently tohoop offers interfaces to Thunder, Drupal, WordPress and Coremedia. 
However, systems from other manufacturers can also be connected via the open architecture – just contact us!

tohoop offers what you really need

The functionality of tohoop is scalable!

In the small solution you seamlessly exchange your content between your WebCMS and InDesign documents via smart plugins. If you need more, the ergonomic web interface allows you to professionally schedule publications that can be extended to connect to commercial display systems, including display painting.

Everything is possible – you have the choice.


tohoop saves time and money

Through its open architecture, tohoop fits in directly with your existing digital workflows. Depending on the size and scope of your publications, tohoop offers a variety of options for making your processes more efficient and ergonomic. Just so that you and your colleagues have more time for a more exciting task!

tohoop brings high quality with little effort

No more copy & paste from the WebCMS! When exchanging content via tohoop , formatting is taken over directly from WebCMS and automatically and intelligently translated into InDesign formatting.
Use your own company fonts, logos or other CI elements. To quickly and easily create high-quality, CI-compliant printed material or PDF documents.


tohoop simply explained


Using the web interface (Planner), you can create your publications and conveniently place your online articles including formatting on the pre-designed pages.

Using previews, your editors always see in the WebCMS how the article appears in the print medium. Changes to the article made directly in the WebCMS, are immediately taken over and presented in the preview. Complex correction workflows can be significantly streamlined!


Use our InDesign plug-ins to find and place online articles as you layout the documents. Put necessary changes to the text directly back into the WebCMS or accept any adjustments made there automatically by pressing a button in your document.


Layout first

With our InDesign plugins, you create the containers for the predefined articles in InDesign first, which are then filled with content in the WebCMS. Alternatively, you can also create an already finished print article including text and pictures as a new article in WebCMS.

The contents are taken over, formatting is compared and translated and applied on both sides.


Benefits at a glance
Online first- or layout first - or both together
Bidirectional synchronization
Slim editorial workflows
Intelligent adoption of WebCMS and InDesign formatting
Article preview in WebCMS
Saving InDesign license costs
Efficient publication management and planning
Cost effective as SaaS solution
Template-based work

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